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November 15, 2018
FOP Local LEO Memorial



G eorge Lasrono Bryant: High Springs Town Marshall  
December 3rd, 1908.  Shot and killed by an intoxicated suspect while investigating a disturbance.

Charles Herman Slaughter: Alachua County Deputy Sheriff
May 11th, 1912.  Shot and killed while investigating a suspicious person at a large block party.

Josiah Hall:  Waldo Town Marshall
September 19th, 1912.  Shot and killed while attempting to capture a bootlegger.

Samuel George Wynne:  Alachua County Deputy Sheriff & Constable of Newberry
August 18th, 1916.  Deputy Wynne was shot and killed while attempting to serve an arrest warrant for stealing hogs.

Robert Edward Arnow: Alachua County Deputy Sheriff
June 18th, 1921. Deputy Arnow was shot and killed as he attempted to arrest a man for carrying a concealed weapon.

Jackson Pinkston Bennett: Gainesville Police Officer
Officer Bennett died after being bitten on March 25, 1936 by a rabid dog while on patrol. Officer Bennett was attempting to capture the dog as part of a county-wide effort to get unlicensed animals off the street. He was diagnosed with rabies too late to be treated, and he succumbed to the illness a little over a month later on April 27, 1936.

Shannon Ray Stephenson: Gainesville Police Officer
June 15th, 1980.  Officer Shannon Stephenson was shot and killed after responding to reports of officers who were under fire.

Jack Allerton Romeis:  Alachua County Deputy Sheriff 
February 1st, 1988.  Killed in an accident that occurred while in a high-speed pursuit of wanted suspects attempting to flee in a stolen vehicle.

Scott Matthew Baird:  Gainesville Police Officer 
February 12th, 2001. Killed after being struck by an automobile while attempting to remove debris from a roadway. The debris, a large baseball batting cage, is believed to have been placed in the road as a prank.

Corey Allen Dahlem:  Gainesville Police Lieutenant
Died of injuries sustained on April 3rd, 2007. Struck by an impaired driver while assisting with crowd control after the 2007 University of Florida National Championship game/victory.


Pay tribute by visiting the Gator Lodge #67 LEO Memorial at the
Kanapaha Veterans Memorial Park 


2014 Memorial
Aug 26, 2014
Deputy Sheriff and Hero Robert Lundy of the Taylor County Sheriff's Office was the 2014 Alachua County Law Enforcement Officers ~ Memorial Service keynote speaker.  A survivor of a shot gun blast to his mid-section back in early February by a disgruntled car dealership employee, Deputy Lundy was able to return fire and take out the suspect.

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